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By Andrea Tagliabue

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What is Dizionatore and how it works?


Dizionatore is an application that helps you to read a text in italian language.

Why should I use Dizionatore?

What does it do and who needs it?

It helps you to read a text clarifying different doubts such as:
where is the linguistic accent?
Is the E vowel open or closed?
Is the O vowel open or closed?
The S is deaf or voiced?
The Z is voiced or deaf?
When there's Syntactic gemination?

Not only for voice actors, because everyone may need to read, sing or recite a text with an Italian neutral accent.

Try Dizionatore, you will not do less.
Check more information about it - What is Dizionatore?


Homographs are words that have different are words that change meaning based on where the linguitstic accent is.
Dizionatore will highlight these words and by clicking them you will know the different meanings.
Check more information about Homographs.

Syntactic gemination

Dizionatore will automatically apply the Syntactic gemination or Phonostactic Doubling, Raddoppiamento Fonosintattico in italian. Check more information about Raddoppiamento fonosintattico.

IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet

International Phonetic Alphabet is a set of symbols used to represent all language sounds.

Spell help for no mumbling

Dizionatore helps you to spell words.
Bolds double consonants and an asterisk in words that end with a vowel, to remind you not to eat doubles and final vowels

Calculate spoken duration

Calculate spoken duration, number of words and characters
Knowing the duration of speech, even estimated, is often very useful. Dizionatore automatically calculate it for you.

Trasform a file from PDF into TXT

If you need to transform a file into a text format, you can use this free tool https://www.onlineocr.net/it/.

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